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Texture of material: 304 stainless steel

Product Size:

PC-101M: 55x66x75cm

PC-101L: 110x66x80cm

PC-101B: 222x68x13cm

KA-509 Professional Stainless Steel Modular Dog Cage

With Rounded Corner

KA-509 Professional Stainless Steel Modular Dog Cage with Rounded Corner The Best Of Best Professional S/S Modular Cage. Rounded corners and solid walls eliminate areas where germs can grow, leading to a better and more hygienic environment; easy to maintain the area sterilized and clean.

KA-601 Car Cage

A breakthrough design in the portable car crate realm. Great looking, light weight and sturdy construction. Made of 100% aluminum material; light weight for ease of transport. Smart flat packing design is only 7cm thick when folded up.

No bolts or nuts required, just easy spread and snap on assembly. Constructed with slim, sturdy aluminum tubing, yields an attractive, strong rigid cage. Fully sealed bottom base prevents waste fluid running off and contains waste products.

DCHR Supplies

DCHR Supplies

DCHR Supplies