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Ionic Wall-hanging Dryer TD-905


Ionic Wall-hanging Dryer TD-905 Variable wind speed and temperature control. The maximum wind speed is 38m/s. Japanese made heavy duty 1HP fan, air-cooled brushless motor, reliable heating element and air adjustment. Temperature range is from 25℃ (77F) to 75℃ (167F). Maintenance-free brushless...



Portable Adjustable Temperature

SPEED: Stepless Transmission


POWER: 28000W


WEIGHT: 7.3KG (Include package & pipe)


NOISE: Around 70db




PLUG TYPE: UK/US/Australia/Chile


APPLICATION: For Dogs and Cats


CONFIGURATION: Sponge Filters *2 (1 of them are preinstalled); Pipe Nozzle *2; Instruction book; Thickened soft pipe



Aeolus TD-903 Pet Grooming Cage Dryer

  • 900 Watts - Powerful enough to ensure that each nozzle have equal and strong wind pressure
  • 3 Speed Control - Between 15-24 m/s
  • Delivers large volume and flow of fresh air into cage compartments at natural environmental temperature.
  • Virtually maintenance free – no brushes to replace and no heating element to burn out.
  • Both intake ports have filters that eliminate hair and debris from entering the motor.
  • Includes a snout adapter, three long-lasting, heavy-duty 6' hoses, three cage attachments and clamps

Water Blower GS-2400

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